How Your Manufacturing Company can Benefit from Automated Systems


Streamlining your current operations can lead your business to success. The manufacturing sector is experiencing a massive shift from how it functioned in the past. Automation uses controlled systems like computers, robots, and information technology to manage operations and decrease human error. In turn, this allows more work to be done at a faster rate, […]

2022 Trends in Plastic Machining

2022 trends

Several factors can affect your plastic products development process. While some people will focus on the final product’s appearance, others will make choices depending on the product’s specific performance characteristics. However, recently these decisions have been made depending on the material composition and its effect on the environment. This is the case for most plastic […]

Evaluating The Cost for Machining Prototypes

Plastic Machining Prototypes

Many companies focus on creating product prototypes to show investors and industry professionals. After all, it is the best way to see if their concept will sell or not before creating the actual product. Technically, the process of developing prototypes, receiving feedback, and switching from the concept to a physical product can take a lot […]

How To Determine Whether Plastic Machining or Molding Is Right For Your Product

Plastech Machining Vs Molding

When it comes to fabricating plastic parts for your product, many manufacturing methods are available for you to consider. But the most common ones are plastic machining and molding. So how do you tell which process is suitable for your plastic components? It’s important to explore these two options to discover which technique is the […]

PlasTech Offers Fabrication and Machining For Medical Device Manufacturers

Plastics in the medical industry

Plastic items have incredibly impacted all industries globally, but their impact has been considerably more advanced in healthcare. Essentially, plastic is the most versatile material that has been able to keep up with the dynamic nature of the medical industry. The fabrication and machining of high-performing medical devices are critical to providing quality healthcare services. […]

Plastic vs. Metal Parts: What Should You Choose for Your Products


Manufacturers have relied on metal to build their products for decades. But, as technology is evolving and consumers want better products built faster, a lot of manufacturers are looking for alternatives to metal parts.  Even industries that heavily relied on “metal applications” in the past, such as the automotive, aerospace, military, and even consumer goods […]

Zach Triner visits PlasTech Machining and Fabrication’s manufacturing plant


Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s long snapper, Zach Triner, visited PlasTech Machining and Fabrication’s manufacturing plant in Bow, NH for a motivational fireside chat, football autographing session, and a meet and greet with PlasTech’s customers and employees on April 15th, 2021. Zach’s visit was an experience that will not soon be forgotten. Zach’s candor and detail about […]

Acetal end caps, CNC machined lenses, Delrin bushings

Acetal end caps, CNC machined window lenses, G10/FR4 radial insulators, Delrin bushings

Every month at PlasTech we ship thousands of manufactured products to customers in industries such as OEM (Original equipment manufacturers), Computer Manufacturers, Defense, Electronics, Marine, Medical, Semiconductor, Microwave and Telecommunications. Our modern manufacturing facility in Bow New Hampshire includes state of the art manufacturing equipment such as Hurco VMX30Ui CNC 5 Axis Machine Centers, Hurco […]