New RoboDrill with Automatic Pallet Change

PlasTech has added a new Fanuc Robodrill to the production floor This is a very fast machine that will help increase production by continuously running. While one pallet is doing the machining, the other is being loaded by the operator.

Yama Seiki Live Tooling Lathe Capabilities

Parts are complete as they come off the machine providing for improved accuracy The video shows the capabilities of the Yama Seiki Live Tooling lathe, this includes the following operations for the featured parts: Turning Boring Drilling off center Milling and Thread Milling Operations in both the main and sub spindle. Parts come off the machine […]

5-Axis Machining Used for Complex Plastic Parts

New plastic part requires 5-Axis machining to achieve quality, throughput and tolerance. PlasTech is manufacturing a new part that we think is quite impressive. It’s a small plastic part only 1.5 high x 1.0 wide with much detail. This part uses the capabilities of the 5-Axis machining and surfacing with tight inside radius tolerances.

PlasTech Continues to Invest in the Most Up-to-Date 5-Axis CNC Tooling Technology

The YAMA Sieki GLS-2000LYS lathe is an example of our commitment to invest. It is a 5-axis CNC machining lathe with live tooling and sub spindle. This is PlasTech second live tooling 5-axis CNC lathe it has purchased within a year. Plastic CNC machined parts that are normally produced in two and three operations are now […]