Engineering Prototyping Design, Ramp-up and Production

Engineering Experience

PlasTech specializes in precision plastic machining and fabrication, and we offer over 50 years of plastics experience in design engineering to meet your needs. Having worked with diverse industries means that we know how to adapt materials and techniques in cross applications to cut production time, and quite possibly provide you with a superior product.

For instance, maybe a material generally utilized in the Marine industry has the properties that would best meet the needs of a part in an unrelated industry. Maybe there is a less expensive material that can bring a project in under budget with no sacrifice to quality or durability.

Benefit from our experience and commitment.


If you are developing a new part or product, we can work with you to produce the schematics on which to base both prototype and production output. Find the right material for your application, both for performance and for economy. And have the prototype produced quickly and efficiently. Advice for ramping up to production.

We can reverse engineer your piece and create the CAD files, or create the design from scratch.

We can create the assembly drawing for a complex mechanism and also do an assembly simulation to study the interactions of assembly components on-screen, before you incur the costs of physical prototypes.

Tolerance Stack-up Validation is also available.