Robotics and Automation

PlasTech Machining and Fabrication acquired its first robot, called a ProCobot in February of 2022.  Our decision to add robotics capabilities is due to our rapid growth in plastics machining, combined with a tight labor market and a desire to have more automated machine tending so we can deliver for our customers on time.

We decided on the ProCobot as our CNC machine manufacturer Hurco acquired ProCobots a few years ago and has tightly integrated ProCobots’ software into its Hurco CNC machines.  

PlasTech Machining and Fabrication has several Hurco’s operating in our facility today.  We thought the ProCobots system would give us the best opportunity to go to market quickly with a tightly integrated robotics software system and to scale as needed.  

PlasTech performed a significant amount of due diligence on the ProCobot we acquired including a visit to Hurco’s headquarters in Indianapolis to demo the cobot, as well as a site visit to a customer of Hurco’s that had cobots running in their New York City facility. 

The ease of use, the integration with Hurco, and the ROI were simply too compelling to ignore.  

We are currently in our trial phase with ProCobot #1 and we will be evaluating the right time to add the next one to our team.  

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions about our robotics and automation for your plastics machining needs today.

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