Acetal end caps, CNC machined lenses, Delrin bushings

Acetal end caps, CNC machined window lenses, G10/FR4 radial insulators, Delrin bushings

Every month at PlasTech we ship thousands of manufactured products to customers in industries such as OEM (Original equipment manufacturers), Computer Manufacturers, Defense, Electronics, Marine, Medical, Semiconductor, Microwave and Telecommunications.

Our modern manufacturing facility in Bow New Hampshire includes state of the art manufacturing equipment such as Hurco VMX30Ui CNC 5 Axis Machine Centers, Hurco VM20i CNC VMC Machining Centers and a Fanuc RoboDrill with Automatic Pallet Change.

Here are some of our recent shipments

  • PlasTech shipped 250 pcs of tight tolerance machined Acetal end caps that go on to a remote guidance system for commercial fishing lines.
  • PlasTech shipped 200 pcs of clear polycarbonate CNC machined window lenses for the aircraft industry.
  • PlasTech shipped 200 pcs if G10/FR4 radial insulators to the microwave industry.
  • PlasTech shipped over 1000 parts to a medical equipment OEM that supplies machines for cosmetic surgery for women’s health.
  • PlasTech produces CNC machined Delrin bushings, nylon wear pads and Aluminum clamp bodies for worldwide commercial Ice cream machine manufacturer.
  • PlasTech shipped CNC machined Acetal components to an OEM of Automated short run casemaking and casebinding production equipment. For the book publishing industry.
  • PlasTech CNC Machined smoked polycarbonate and line bent (heat line bending) them to make protective covers for the Power Generation industry.
  • Shipped 100 filter assemblies made from Clear PVC Tube, gray PVC rod stock and gray PVC plate stock. Each piece of material has been CNC turned, and CNC milled on our
  • Turning and Milling Centers and then assembled with filters and fittings to produce a watertight bond tested under 60 PSI for leakage. Medical Component.
  • Produced and shipped 100 pcs of a PET medical component with tight +-.001 tolerances that was produced using our 5 axis CNC machines. Parts were previously made in
  • China but PlasTech was awarded the job 4 years ago. Produce over 5000 units since being awarded the job with zero returns.