PlasTech Continues to Invest in the Most Up-to-Date 5-Axis CNC Tooling Technology

The YAMA Sieki GLS-2000LYS lathe is an example of our commitment to invest. It is a 5-axis CNC machining lathe with live tooling and sub spindle. This is PlasTech second live tooling 5-axis CNC lathe it has purchased within a year. Plastic CNC machined parts that are normally produced in two and three operations are now […]

PlasTech Ships a High Tolerance Complex Plastic Part for Medical Applications

PLASTECH IS THE ONLY COMPANY THAT CAN PRODUCE THIS VACUUM RELIEF VALVE AT THIS LEVEL OF QUALITY WITH AN ACCEPTABLE COST. Plastech has recently begun shipping an extremely complex plastic part that will be used in a medical application as a vacuum relief valve. The vacuum relief valve is manufactured out of black Delrin, and […]

PlasTech Brings Plastic CNC Machining Back to the USA!

Plastech’s Plastic materials expertise allows customers to avoid quality problems One of Plastech’s long term customers, a multinational company who manufactures cosmetic surgery equipment was having quality problems with a plastic CNC machined component that was being manufactured by a company in China. The customer turned to PlasTech because of its expertise in plastic CNC […]