PlasTech Brings Plastic CNC Machining Back to the USA!

Plastech’s Plastic materials expertise allows customers to avoid quality problems

Medical device part manufactured by CNC plastic machining
Plastic CNC machined part for medical device

One of Plastech’s long term customers, a multinational company who manufactures cosmetic surgery equipment was having quality problems with a plastic CNC machined component that was being manufactured by a company in China.

The customer turned to PlasTech because of its expertise in plastic CNC machining, and also because PlasTech has a tool set that includes Hurco 5 axis CNC machines.

PlasTech is manufacturing the part in batches of 1,000 using P.E.T. (Polyethylene terephthalate), it was also discovered that the Chinese company had substituted material that was not specified on the drawing!

All in all by having PlasTech manufacture the component, using 5 axis plastic CNC machining, the multinational has eliminated their quality problems and reduced the total cost of procurement.